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универсальная головкаThe universal holder (head) for cutters allows the use of cutters with a conventional shank (Ø8mm.), Which are in retail sale. For this purpose, a standard collet chuck C12 (C10) -ER16-100 adapted for the "Gidmaster" jig is used. Such a head has a number of advantages, allowing the master to acquire the cutters under the ER16 collet (d8 mm shank) self-sufficiently and not to become attached to special cutters with an extended shank. There is a drawback - this is a high price.


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Universal jig with universal head.

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Universal jig with a universal head for installation of furniture...

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Universal holder for cutters "Gidma…

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The universal holder (head) for cutters allows the use of...

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Universal jig - roulette mount.

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Universal jig for furniture fittings in the near future may...

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Often, designers use elements with a thickness of 32-36 mm...

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Adaptation of the jig for minifix under …

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It is difficult to achieve the most versatile component of...

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Jig for Mitre-joint connector with joint…

28-01-2020 Hits:127

The conductor is a unique tool and designed (Valerii Pavroz)...

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