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Universal jig with a universal head for installation of furniture screeds: confirmat, minifix, rafiks, tab, tofiks, etc.

The presented model of the jig has practical universality in the choice of installation of furniture screeds and in the choice of cutters. What this means: the master, having this model of a jig, uses his own cutters or purchases them at retail (you do not need special ones - elongated ones). 8 mm Collet Chuck integrated into the head - which ensures high accuracy, reliability and versatility.

Materials of which the jig is made:

The body of the jig - hardened duralumin used in aircraft industry.
Bushings - high carbon steel used for the manufacture of files.

The undoubted advantage is reliability and precise drilling.



Number of operations:

  1. minifix  34мм. и  24мм. 22
  2. shkant 8мм.
  3. Rafix (рафикс, VB 35)  20мм.22
  4. Tab  18мм.22
  5. Tofix  25мм. •  22
  6. Drilling under the cup of furniture hinges 35mm.22
  7. confirmat.22
  8. Drilling D8 bushing (adjustable foot).22