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It is difficult to achieve the most versatile component of the jig when working with the entire range of furniture plates.

The basis of the developed model is selected the most popular furniture plate with a thickness of 18mm.
When the pattern was taught to work with a 18mm plate. it became necessary to adapt it to other standards: in our case, we consider all operations with a 16 mm slab.

The only correct solution is to set the coordinate to 8.5 mm from the edge of the part. (ground clearance 0,5mm. for an edge 0,4-0,5mm) and accordingly 10mm. (ground clearance for the edge of 2.0 mm.) - This is the compensation of one millimeter under the scheme.

This compensation was performed by removable plates on the horizontal rail. The plates are securely fixed on the convex edge on neodymium magnets.

Now the jig is absolutely adapted to work with a 16mm plate.