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The conductor is a unique tool and designed (Valerii Pavroz) under the brand GIDmaster.


The uniqueness of the conductor lies in the fact that there are no similar analogues on the world market and the method of installing these screeds is limited to expensive equipment that is used in professional production. Currently, the presented model is available to any master, including a beginner carpenter. The operation and configuration of the conductor is optimized and absolutely simple, at the same time, it does not require the use of special tables and complex calculations to configure it, and its capabilities are shown in the video review:


Model Description:

This jig is a device for drilling holes for a double dowel minifix (minifix) or maxifix (maxifix) without marking in furniture blanks.

Objective: quick and accurate adjustment of the conductor to get the possibility of drilling calibrated holes in the end and face of furniture blanks, and where the end face of the workpiece has an angular cut at the required predetermined angle.

The range of the conductor is quite wide: the thickness of the processed plates can reach 50 mm., And the cutoff angle of the end face of the workpiece in the range of 45 - 67 degrees, which makes it possible to produce even regular octagons.

The material of which the conductor is made is combined: steel and duralumin.

The jig kit includes all the necessary components to start work immediately after purchase.

It is important to perform operations in the following order: the first operation after installation and adjustment is drilling at the end, and the next operation is drilling into the face. What it is connected with - everything is quite primitive and simple: minimal vibration when drilling into the end face is not able to shift the fixed conductor on the furniture blank, and therefore - will ensure accurate drilling.