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Drilling jig & Universal milling support head

Drilling jig with a universal head - the LEADER among analogues of the modern market. Reliable, accurate, versatile, professional tool from a direct manufacturer. The tool is suitable for both professional craftsmen and beginner cabinetmakers. Ease of assembly and precision drilling are a guarantee of quality from GIDmaster.
Sales price 3800,00 грн.

For printing: assembly scheme in PDF format схема сборки в формате PDF    схема сборки в формате PDF    схема сборки в формате PDF

The model works on the principle of transformer: quickly assembled to perform drilling according to the attached scheme. The template does not require additional settings - according to the assembly scheme, you get accurate drilling. Own clamp provides a rigid fixation on the workpiece. The tool is made on high-precision equipment: case - duralumin; bushings - hardened steel. The template works with a stove caliber: 16; 18; 19; 20; 32; 36mm. and performs the following drills:

Number of operations:

  1. Drilling minifix 34mm. и  24mm. 22
  2. Wood dowel Connector 8мм.
  3. Drilling Rafix (VB 35)  20mm.22
  4. Drilling Tab  18мм.22
  5. Drilling Tofix  25мм. •  22
  6. Drilling Furniture hinges with a cup of 35mm.22
  7. Drilling Confirmat screws.22
  8. Сверление втулка D8 (регулируемая ножка).22

What is it made the template of:

  1. top part (the guide) (1piece)
  2. horizontal rail 16/18 (1piece)
  3. clip (clamp) (1piece)
  4. screw with butterfly nut (2 pieces)
  5. milling (support) head (1 pieces)
  6. milling cutter depth stop collar diameter 8мм. (1pieces)
  7. milling cutter depth stop collar diameter 5мм. (1pieces)

the weight - 680g.


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