Jig for inserting door locks.

Jig for inserting door locks - A reliable, accurate, professional tool from a direct manufacturer. Easy setup - a guarantee of quality from GIDmaster.
Sales price 4660,00 грн.

Jig for inserting door locks + Milling cutter d16mm.

This drilling jig specifically to guide the drilling bit to cut mortices for door locks. It is quick to set up, self centring and locks onto the door edge securely. This produces clean cut and is one of the fastest most accurate ways to cut a mortice. The device works in tandem with a hand drill.

All parts are made of high quality steel and alloys, painted with powder paint.

     Jig - 1 to-kt.
     milling cutter 16mm. (for tie locks) - 1pc.

Jig size: L (length) - 400mm. G (width) - 220mm. H (height without working shaft) - 165mm.

Units in box: 1
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