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Dear Customer.

The Internet-shop «Gidmaster» offers specialized tools : templates and jig for the production of cabinet furniture from chipboard, as well as for inserting door locks and hinges.

Specialized tools range :
- templates and conductors for mortise door locks and hinges (a standard operation for anyone who retrofits doors into existing frames or must resize a door
or opening to the available space or simply needs to install locks and hinges on a new blank door);
- templates and conductors that can be used for milling and drilling of furniture fittings (fasteners cabinet assembly) :

The tool is manufactured on high-precision equipment, which ensures accurate milling and drilling operations and high-quality installation of furniture fittings.
The price of the product reflects the exact expression "price-quality", and addresses both professional and beginner furniture makers.

The Universal furniture template for milling and drilling Minifix-Rafix, "Universal jig for minifix" has a unique and versatility patented design "transformers like",
which allows one instrument to combine the ability in installation of all major furniture fittings (fasteners and hinges) used for the production of cabinet furniture.
The template(jig) for mortise door hinges and locks is a reliable and accurate tool made using linear and radial bearings, which exclude backlashes and perform a
high-quality installation of joinery accessories.

We welcome our new clients and treat them as a long-term partnership.
To communicate with the manager, you can use the phone (number in the header of the site and on the contacts page) or write a letter through a special form.